Lots going on at the cafe. English cafe night and a big crowd for Baby English!


Good food with good friends

Charlotte will be 8 months tomorrow! I can’t believe it! We have had so much fun lately spending time with our mommy friends and being at the cafe. I never thought raising a baby in Japan would be this much fun. When I reflect on what we have been doing lately, I see how faithful God is to provide opportunities for community. We still miss Grandma and Grandpa, but we are able to see so many friends every day. Thank you Jesus!


We had Baby English last week and had over 30 mom and kids come to our Matsuri Festival (Summer Festival) which included banana splits, games, and a hot dog stand. We were surprised with such a great turnout! We were able to have a short lesson on thankfulness and then it was off to the festival. It was great to see so many old faces from last year. Most of the kiddos who attended had summer break from Yochien (japanese Kindergarten) and were able join.

It’s such a blessing when we run out of space in the room we meet in and have to rethink where we are going to meet for next month’s baby English. Below is a picture of a one of our kiddos in a traditional Japanese summer kimono.

This past Friday the cafe also hosted another open mic night in which my friend Miyako sang “How Great is God.” We recently have also been able to get out of the city and take day trips to the more scenic places in Japan.

Rob and Charlotte enjoying some coffee at a small cafe in Hikone.



We are in America!!

After 24 hours of travel time and four flights we finally made it back to Wichita to see our friends and family. Charlotte was able to meet all of her grandparents and since then has spent lots of time being held.  This is my first time (Tara) being back in the States in over 2 years.  Everything is bigger and greener than I remember. I’ve missed my mom’s home cooking and the occasional Taco Bell stop. Nothing beats a Sonic Route 66 on a hot summer day.  Oh ‘Merica how we missed you!
We will be back in Japan on July 29th.  We look forward to seeing friends back in Nagoya! 
We love our friends and family! 

Charlotte and her cousin Atlas who was born three weeks before her:)


Day at the Zoo



Well it has been a long time since our last post and we have a lot of updates! Charlotte is 3 months old today and is growing so fast!  She already went on her first subway yesterday. It is never to early to start learning how to navigate Nagoya;)


We recently were sad to see one of the families serving at CBI move to Osaka to start Genesis, a Christian business college, in one of the biggest cities in Japan.  Although we are excited to see what God does with the new college.  


Here is the CBI family including staff and seminary students at the Kim’s going away party.

Here are some fun pictures of Charlotte.  


 First week home 


Rob and Charlotte at Church.